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Photo by Adriana Tomeu

Photo © Adriana Tomeu

Reviews and Quotes

"Josiah Boornazian is an important future voice in creative and improvised music."

-David Binney

​"Josiah Boornazian... is an... extraordinary composer... [Josiah's] record is a powerful statement in modern jazz and should definitely be in your collection."

-Brent Vaartstra

"Josiah Boornazian's 20 Advanced Etudes For Solo Saxophone is an inventive exploration of diverse concepts... I highly recommend this exceptional book as an enlightening and inspiring experience. Bravo!"

-Steve Wilson

"It was refreshing... exploring Josiah Boornazian's 20 Advanced Etudes For Solo Saxophone... I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to reach 'outside the box' of typical etudes."

-Timothy Roberts

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